Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park borders Jackson Hole, Wyoming and lies just south of Yellowstone National Park. It’s an easy 4.5-hour drive from Salt Lake, and I was lucky enough to explore the Tetons with my brother while he was visiting me in Utah. Side note: after writing a few blogs, I’ve started to notice a trend… basically, if you come visit me, be prepared to explore 😉

Even though it was only October when we visited, the scenic road was already closed past Signal Mountain. However, a positive to visiting in October was missing a majority of the crowds, which is always a plus. The Jackson Lake Overlook was probably my favorite view of the entire park—cue all the heart eyes. The pristine views of the mountains and alpine lakes made this trip worth it, even though some of the activities were unavailable. In the summer your opportunities are pretty much endless: hiking (230 miles of trails), wildlife viewing (grizzlies!), camping, backpacking, climbing, fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing, biking, etc.

I feel so lucky that the Grand Tetons are one of the many National Parks within driving distance of Salt Lake.  I know I say this about a lot of parks, but I can’t wait to go back and explore more soon–definitely in the summer when I can go camping, hiking, and boating.  I’m also very thankful my brother was willing to make this quick trip with me, especially after just traveling from the Midwest to Salt Lake.

We stayed the night in Jackson Hole, which is a popular ski town.  The vibe of this town was awesome.  We ate dinner at the Snake River Brewery, stopped by the popular Elk Antler Arch, which was lit up pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and then had a drink at the famous Million Dollar Cowboy bar.  We capped off our evening by hot tubbing at the hotel- couldn’t have asked for a better day!

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