Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park encompasses the badlands of western North Dakota.  This park honors Theodore Roosevelt and his presidency, which was marked by a legacy of conservation in our public lands. The park has two main units, North and South.  The South Unit is the most visited and easily accessible, located near the town of […]

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Gateway Arch National Park

The Gateway Arch was named an official National Park in February 2018.  Even though it is our nation’s smallest park, it offers a whole lot of history.  The Arch was originally built as a monument to symbolize the role St. Louis played in westward expansion during the 19th century.  The Arch measures in at 630 […]

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Rocky Mountain National Park

After a lot of discussion, planning, and careful thought, we decided to embark on our first trip since the start of Covid-19. Now that things have opened back up, everyone has their own opinion of what’s appropriate and what they are comfortable doing, which is totally fair… for us, we decided that for now we […]

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